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  • South Korea South Korea
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BOSUNG INC. is a glove specialized manufacture in Korea, with a manufacturing plant in Indonesia & China. BOSUNG INC we, as one of Korean glove corporations, produce the best quality gloves in the world and furthermore exports our skills and knowledge to the third world countries. BOSUNG INC. With passionate staffs of more than 300, Bosung family will always remember a golden rule for our business success which is to understand customers needs and meet their expectation based on the best skills and services. BOSUNG has its own glove factories and has a lot of experience. Based on many know-how, we can make high quality gloves at a reasonable price.


1. Dress Gloves


The best quality lamb leather gloves insulate the heat exceptionally well in a silky light manner. All the gloves have designed by professional designers which make the gloves trendy and it is a smart phone friendly glove, using a conduction leather and thread.

2. Golf Gloves


By using the premium lamb leather, the comfortability and fitting of grip is outstanding. The synthetic leather has permeability with great grip and we differentiated our fabrics in which the antibiotic and odor treatments have been completed. The golf gloves are verified by professional golfers which assists the user to create perfect impact on swings.

  • China Factory


Location : Qingdao in China
Name : Qingdao Baosheng Athletic Supply Co.Ltd.
No. of Employee : OFFICE(15), FACTORY(150)
Building Structure :
1 Floor : Sewing, Cutting room
2 Floor : Office, Cafeteria

  • Indonesia Factory


Location : Desa Pasung kec. Wedi kab klaten Jawa Tengah 87641 Indonesia
ZIP CODE : 57461
No. of Employee : OFFICE(20), FACTORY(580)



1. Pattern and Sampling

To meet the customers' needs, we make the sample with draft drawing before we finalize patterns with clients.

2. Cutting

Leathers are handled by prefessional tailors, 100% cutting. For working gloves, we draw the pattern based on the user's hand sizes. Use an oil pressure.

3. Sewing

Check the proper making procedure by parts. Start by thumb, fingers, back hand, binding to piping, seeking 0% defaults.

4. Inspection

Check the visual, missing stitches, flexibility, twisted fingers and etc.

5. Setting

Based on the types of gloves, using straighten, curved or streamed setting machines with right temperature and humidity.

6. Detecting

For the safety issues, all finished goods through a detector-detecting metal pieces in the gloves.


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Dress leather glove_ Golf leather glove_ Dress fur glove

Dress leather glove_ Golf leather glove_ Dress fur glove

Dress leather glove_ Golf leather glove_ Dress fur glove